Memorial Day - A Time To Reflect VINTAGE LOOK

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This Memorial Day, we are mourning the loss of our loved ones due to Covid-19. In the midst of this tragedy, today we pause to remember all those men and women in our Armed Forces who paid the ultimate price for our freedom and liberty. This film takes us back in time and gives honor and homage to their service and sacrifice, featuring quotes from the Bible as well as some of our great Military leaders. It has an intentional 'old film', archival footage look, evoking images, memories and relics of bygone days, ending with an emotional rendition of Taps as we commemorate our heroes. Incidentally, Taps was designated as the official “National Song of Remembrance" by Congress in 2012. This is the 'VINTAGE' version - for all who prefer slightly more damaged, old film effect - we took this one a few degrees further!

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