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Where is My Video


For subscribers: We've streamlined the process for downloading directly from the product page, which is great! But you're here and you can't find it. The file should download where you indicated. If for some reason it's not there, you'll need to search your computer for the name of the video you cannot find. If you still can't find it, please contact us using the "contact" link at the footer of this page and we'll get you that video as soon as we are able!

For non-subscribers:

Sorry for the confusion. Pay Pal should have kicked you back to the download page, but for some reason this didn't happen. It's an inigma to us all.

No problem, though. We have your info. We have your videos. And we want you to get 'em. That's why we made 'em, right?

It's fairly easy from here. Your video will remain on the site for a year with 3 potential downloads so if you lose it or want to re-download it to another computer you can log in and get it.

At this point all you have to do is select "Log In" at the top left.
Once logged in click "My Account" at the top left.
Click the "View" button of the date of the order in question and there you'll find your download(s).

If this doesn't help or you have any problems fire me another email me ASAP! and we'll make sure you get your video. Again, I'm sorry this process was a bit cumbersome for you. We try to prevent that, but occasionally things get thrown off.

Hope this helps.

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