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Open the Door

In Christian Holidays, Easter, Evangelism, Good Friday, Lent Season, Sermon Illustration by Beamer Films

This dramatic film for Easter season and beyond is not for the timid! While many churches today have refused sound doctrine, picking and choosing what parts of Christ’s gospel they want to believe in, no one in scripture speaks more vividly of hell and eternal judgement than Jesus. He even made the rather disturbing statement that the path is wide that leads to destruction and MANY will choose that path.
Paul says in Romans 2:4 that it is the “kindness of God which leads us to repentance.” In an immeasurable act of divine mercy, God poured out the punishment we deserved upon His Son on the cross so that we might live. Because the grave was not victorious over Jesus, He ultimately triumphed over death and Hell.

He tasted death for every man and woman so that we might have life abundantly.
Open the door of your heart to the great Lover of your soul. He stands knocking even now.

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