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Patriotic Loops 1-6

In Independence Day - 4th of July, Motion Graphics, National Holidays - Motion Loops by Beamer Films

Purchase these 6 Patriotic Motion Loops in one downloadable package, and save BIG! This is a set of 6 looping motion backgrounds that are great for sermon notes, announcements, lyrics, or by itself to add a creative edge to your service.

Included in the Bundle:

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Memorial Day – Remember the Fallen

In Memorial Day, National Holidays, Sermon Illustration by Beamer Films

Memorial Day is more than just another “day off.” It’s a day of remembrance to honor those who have fallen. It’s a reminder to never let them be forgotten. They have given their very lives to stand up for what is right — our God-given independence!

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Dad Quotes For Father’s Day

In Father's Day, Secular Holidays, Sermon Illustration by Beamer Films

Looking for a way to welcome people to your Father’s Day service? This mini movie celebrates Father’s Day with meaningful quotes about fatherhood and what father’s give their children. Also check out our other Father’s Day videos, countdowns, and motion graphics.