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Prayer Is An Encounter

In Prayer, Sermon Illustration, Topics by Beamer Films

This powerful sermon illustration shows that prayer is an encounter with God and the vital breath of the believer’s soul. God meant us to see Him and live with Him and draw our life from His life, but that cannot happen in the fullness that Christ offers without prayer.

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Why Worship

In Sermon Illustration, Topics, Worship by Beamer Films

A unique powerful message about why we worship corporately and implies that through worship we accomplish more than we know. By praising, loving, hoping, singing, and celebrating together we lock in to a rhythm. If we can do such an incredible thing together, what else can we accomplish?

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In Church Invites, Evangelism, Sermon Illustration by Beamer Films

This encouraging mini movie will show your congregation how important each and every person is in their circle of family, friends and neighbors. If only we realize that simply inviting people to church is often all that it takes to get people into the doors to hear the gospel! Evangelism is so much more than standing up on a pedestal on a street corner and preaching to strangers. Everybody has a sphere of influence in their own community and circle of friends.

Use this mini-move to help encourage and challenge your congregation to invite friends, family and neighbors.

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In Grace, Sermon Illustration, Topics by Beamer Films

A chance encounter… a changed life… God’s unmerited favor. This parable shows that God’s love is unconditional, his grace unceasing, and his forgiveness readily available for each of us. Make those themes of and the prospect of evangelism personal to your congregation with the mini-movie DRENCHED.